Who we are

MBA Construction is a comprehensive industrial construction firm based in Houston, Texas. MBA personnel have worked in the Oil Recovery business for many years and have built a number of SWD's and Solids Handling Facilities. As MBA personnel were managing and building SWD's, common problems were identified and Oil Bandit Systems™ was born.

Charge Pump Pod Skid-Model 3.jpg

We realized all SWD's were either not designed using common components or they had no design at all. Pipe-fitters were hired to build the SWD without understanding the engineering behind the pump curves, piping and tank fundamentals for removal of oil.  

The other problem is that SWD's were being built in the field. This practice reduces quality, increases cost and extends the schedule. We've rectified this problem by designing pre-sized and engineered SWD's that can be delivered to your site at a lower cost to your budget and time. 

Oil Bandit has also has designed 3 skid systems that can be purchased separately. 

The first skid is designed to report and control the flow into the SWD.  This can be from a pipeline or truck unloading.

The second skid is designed to feed a charge pump system with filters.  After the two charge pumps the filters are automatically switched from dirty filter to clean filter, and the operator is alarmed. 

The third skid is a PD/H Pump skid.  This skid contains the pumps and all control equipment, vibration monitoring, pressures, control valves, flow meters etc.  These skids are designed for quick change out to reduce any downtime. 

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